Monday, June 25, 2007

Where Will He Be?

Alright, we're still nailing down exact locations for Taylor to be "hiding" in these next few weeks, so don't be shy! Where would YOU love to see Taylor? We'll consider them all!


Angelica said...

I'd love to see taylor here in Biella!


Taylor said...

Hi Angelica,

I'll let you know if I'm going to be back in Biella! Thanks for the kind words.


Angelica said...

Thank you Taylor for your answer,I'm very happy!I hope to see you here again..really!You're the best!
i hope in your answer again!
Bye Angelica ;)

RickBatt said...

How about the Vermont Mountaineers home game in Montpelier, 6:30, July 9?

Anonymous said...


WE WANT TAYLOR HERE IN BARRE! How about at our annual Homecoming Days event, July 26-29. The best day would be Saturday, July 28. This community event attracts thousands to Barre. Contact if interested.