Friday, July 13, 2007

Hole in 1!

The Taylor treasure hunt is going strong! Last night the first two to "find" Taylor got to play a round of mini-golf with him! Here's some shots of the night!

Ready to roll, Taylor and Quinn of Colchester get started!

It wouldn't be mini-golf without a shot in front of a waterfall!
Quinn aims for the hole...

but comes up a little short. Taylor isn't far behind him!

The cave was everyone's favorite part.

Collin joined us late, but that didn't stop him from giving us a run for our money! Taylor won with a score of 49!

We couldn't leave without playing at least one round of JUMP SHOT!

Taylor bet the boys they couldn't make a hook shot on one try...

Well, they did, so he upped the ante and said they couldn't make a behind-the-back-shot...

They did AGAIN so he bet, all-or-nothing that he could make it from outside the court...

Quinn left $2 richer... :)

Taylor with Collin and Quinn of Colchester.

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