Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Update from Spain

Taylor checked in yesterday to let everyone know how he's doing! He writes:

"So far it has been an exciting trip! I flew from Burlington to New York and was delayed in Burlington- - before I could even get on the plane- -so I missed my flight scheduled at 6 to Madrid from New York. I scrambled but made it on a flight to Madrid from New York at 9pm and changed my flight from Madrid to Alicante since I would have missed that. I got to Madrid and had only 50 mins to make it to my gate AND through customs! I made it- - barely.

Once I arrived to Alicante I met the team and checked into a hotel where I will stay until my apartment is set up. I am hoping to get my car tomorrow and also have a press conference scheduled. Tonight I had my first practice which was great but pretty tiring. I did receive one of my missing bags before practice so it was nice to have some extra clothes. In the hotel I have internet and some channels in english so I'm good to go for a while! Hope all is well ttyl!"

Taylor is posting to and checking this blog from Spain so be sure to comment often!


Wayne Boardman said...

Sorry we didn't get to see you in York Beach this summer, Taylor.

However, best of luck in Spain this season. Enjoy the warm weather.


Anonymous said...


Best of luck. I am a former Vermonter who has been watching your basketball career since your freshman year at UVM from SLC, Utah. I hope you get to realize your dream of playing in the NBA. Vermonters all around the world are proud of what you have done for Vermont and UVM basketball. Best Wishes!