Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Settling In

Another update from Taylor!

I received my second bag last night and today I have internet and phone. This past weekend we played a little preseason tournament and came in second place. We started practicing in our home gym early last week and have been running and lifting in the mornings and practicing at night. I enjoy all of my teammates and coaches. Yesterday I was able to walk the beach that is in front of my apartment and went in the pool for a little bit. There is a huge store that is close to my apt and can find a lot of what i need there. I drive a four-door Ford Focus and I'm hoping to get internet at my apartment soon!

A room with a view... we think Taylor's pretty lucky to be in such a beautiful place!

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S Switzer said...

Good luck this season in Spain. Looks like a great view from the apartment. Keep us updated.