Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Game on Friday

Taylors next game is Friday, 11/21/08 at 4:00 pm Eastern time. They are playing in Tenerife, which is in the Canary Islands, and the Canary Islands are only 5 hours ahead of Eastern time.
Here is a link to the video stream:
find the list of games on the right side; click on the "Lucentum Alicante" game; that will open up the video of the game inside the TV screen!

Good luck Taylor!

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Ramón said...

Hi from Alicante!

I'm a Lucentum Alicante fan, and I am also a blogger.

This season Taylor is a very important part of our team, we love his way to do in matches.

He's a fighter!!

In my blog you can see many photos of the matches, and i also have other Taylor's photos.

Seen my blog's stats, i know that people there in Vermont visit my blog. I'm very proud of that.

I would be interested in making him a little interview for my blog, i don't if that would possible because my English is not very good.

Thank you
Lucentum Blogging