Monday, February 16, 2009

Game 20

Translated from the Lucentum website:
"The Lucentum forget the ghosts the Lagoon (Canary Islands.) The defeat in the Canary Islands of the past week passed in the minds of the players of the Lucentum Alicante during first half of the game who fought Sunday against the Extra Pujol Lleida. The men of Oscar Quintana were behind in the game during both first quarters because the Catalans entered the event seeming to fear the defeat of the importance of winning in a day in which all the other top teams lost.
Faithful to his policy of rotations, the Alicante Lucentum coach gave minutes to his ten players, with Taylor Coppenrath the man who had more minutes played because this was one of his better games of the season. He captured seven rebounds, scored 13 points and gave a best performance in the end, being the player best evaluated at the end of the game.
But there was an essential player in the overcome one and victory local was, once again, Txemi Urtasun. When the situation could not be worse, after three consecutive triples of the pĂ­vot of the other team, Hettsheimeir (30-40), the Alicante Lucentum team took the responsibility on its back and scored ten consecutive points that recoverd the breath to the fans of Alicante. Once they overcame the scare, the home team knew how to maintain and to increase the advantage with a great defense on the low posts that no longer returned to see the hoop with as much comfort, reason by which the Alicante Lucentum team ended up raising itself with a triumph that allows them to breathe one more a day in highest of the classification."

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