Monday, March 2, 2009

Caption from Today's Paper

In Spain of course. :) Couldn't upload the picture that went with it, you'll have to take our word that it was awesome.

"Martynas Andriuskevicius, without jumping, and Taylor Coppenrath, with determination, combine efforts to prevent the basket of Matt Kiefer. /RAFA OIL MILL"

and a rough translation from an article in the newspaper:

'The Lucentum Alicante won by far (97-77) with forcefulness over the Club Basquet Vic in the game that closed the 22nd game of Liga LEB Gold and it consolidates the leadership by three victories, persued by Valladolid and Tenerife.
There was no surprise in the morning of Sunday and the Lucentum showed from the first quarter a consistency that left without answer from the visitors, Vic, who played always behind in the game.

Andriskevicius in the paint, Jorge Garci'a and Urtasun from the perimeter, Coppenrath in all the lands, set out conclusive arguments in the game in favor of front leader who travels at full speed towards the first place ascent to ACB. Albert Sabat was the high scorer for the visitors."

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