Friday, May 1, 2009

Alicante vs. C.B. Illescas

Taylors next game is at C.B. Illescas on Saturday, 5/2/09, at 12 NOON Eastern time.
The game schedule shows 1800 hours in Spain which is 6pm there and 12 noon here. However the TV schedule has it at 1:30 our time; Taylor called and said the game is definitely at 12 noon our time; so we'll go with that....
Here is a link to the video stream:
find the list of games on the right side; click on the "Lucentum Alicante" game; that will open up the video of the game inside the TV screen. Taylor is #15, usually wears high white socks with black ankle braces...
click on "El Equipo" ("the team" in Spanish) on the left to see the roster there!

Good luck Taylor!

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