Thursday, October 15, 2009

vs. Vigo

Taylor's next game is tomorrow, 10/16/09 at 3pm, at home vs. Vigo! It seems that last week, although the game was listed on as being video streamed, it was pulled for some reason on Thursday evening. Hopefully tomorrow's game will be shown!
Fun Fact: Taylor's mom, Sue, and his friend, Anna, will both be at the game tomorrow! Look in the seats behind the team for a couple of Vermonters cheering for Melilla!!!!
Most of the games will be video streamed onto the Internet and are available on-line. Spain is six hours ahead of US Eastern time so his 9pm game in Spain is at 3pm Eastern time.
Here is a link to the video stream:
find the list of games on the right side; click on the "C Melilla B" game; that will open up the video of the game inside the TV screen. Taylor is now #11, usually wears high white socks with black ankle braces.
the roster is available at:
the team website is:

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