Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Taylor on Youtube!

We realize that many of you are not able to watch some of Taylor's games because of the time of day or technical difficulties. The screen size is small and the quality via the Internet feed is not always clear.
Occasionally games are posted on Youtube in their entirety!

We have a link below to one of those games. Be patient and watch the complete game if you can because Taylor has one of his better games. It is real time so even half time is running but you do not see much of anything, but you can hear the audio and fans with their horns.
Here is a link to Taylor's game that was posted on youtube:
Note: Taylor does not usually start because the coach wants to end the half and end the game with Taylor as he plays excellent defense all over the court and takes care of the ball. This particular game one of the coaches made an error on the official roster so Starosta (the 7'1" center from the Czech Republic) did not start and Taylor did (so when you see Taylor start and then leave in 2 minutes that is the reason...)

Happy Holidays!

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