Friday, March 12, 2010


From Taylor's father, George:

For those of you who had planned to watch the game today, please note that the video steam has not been put up on the list as of the time of this email; and the game may not be available for viewing.
There is the live box score with play by play narrative at the same website; simply click on the large middle button on the top right part of the screen entitled, "balencesto en vivo." Then page through the screens (arrow at bottom right) until you find the scoreboard for the "UV La Palma vs CB Melilla" game and click on the En Vivo button.
The Melilla team left melilla yesterday morning around 9:30; and got stuck in madrid due to flight problems to tenerife; where they have to go; then take a shuttle flight to la palma; so they eventually fly to tenerife; but could not land; tried twice at the larger northern airport; and then went to the southern airport; from where the team had to take a bus back up to the northern airport for a flight to la palma; they didnt get to la palma until 11pm or so last night; missed that evening's scheduled shoot around practice... until later this morning... also their equipment is lost; so they will be playing today wearing la palma's red uniforms ... although no one will know because the game is not on the video stream list !! ;-)

Good luck Taylor !!

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