Thursday, April 15, 2010

@ Mallorca

Taylor's next game is tomorrow Friday, 04/16/2010, at 3:00 pm at Mallorca the home of pro tennis player, Rafael Nadal!
Here is a link to the video stream:

This link will take you to an intermediate screen where you need to click on the left icon labelled: "Liga Adecco"

find the game button on the right side labelled: "Club Melilla Baloncesto" and click on "Ver Partido" (which means "to view party[game]" in Spanish; (you may have to page ahead to find it)

Or you can still go to:

They changed the link to the schedule of next week's games; boxscores for last week's games; and a list of the standings go back to the website (just scroll down) There are tabs for schedule, classifications (rankings) and scores. In addition you can see the box scores from any game by clicking on the score within the list of played games...

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Anonymous said...

Ever since feb tv updated its website, we haven't been able to watch the games. We click on all the right buttons, but only get the lion logo swirling with the wind noise and then nothing. Anyone else having trouble viewing the games?