Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Playoffs! vs. Ford Burgos

Taylor's next game is Friday, 5/14/010, at 3:00 pm at home. Melilla won the first round playoff and now begin the semi-final series. They will play Ford Burgos a very strong team, but will play at home in Melilla as they are the top seed.
The schedule for the playoffs, and the results of the other games are at in the middle of the page; click on the tabs at the bottom of the box to see more information.
Here is a link to the video stream:

This link will take you to an intermediate screen where you need to click on the left icon labelled: "Liga Adecco"

find the game button on the right side labelled: "Club Melilla Baloncesto" and click on "Ver Partido" (which means "to view party[game]" in Spanish; (you may have to page ahead to find it)

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