Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The COAST is Clear

Alicante had their first home (VICTORY!) on Sunday. Taylor has found some very dedicated fans who certainly route for the hometeam. His team has a great following as well. It was a tough game, but the atmosphere was wonderful and left Taylor slightly reminiscent of his days in Patrick Gym. While nothing will ever quite compare to that, he is excited about the level of involvement of his new fans and was glad that they were able to win with a big victory! (He didn't leave info about the score, hopefully that will come soon!) This Friday he is headed to the beautiful island of Mallorca for the next game.

Taylor is still without a car... oh wait, we didn't tell you that story did we? COMING SOON! so he's been catching rides with teamate Keith Waleskowski. Everything is wonderful in Spain and Taylor says hi to all!

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Ciel said...

Keep up the good work.