Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Play Offs

We have an update from Taylor today about their first playoff game! He writes:

Well the first game didnt go quite as we hoped. We were playing well but needed to get lucky at the end. We were down a few points with a minute or so to go and Alain hit a three. Then we were down three with about a minute and we ran two high screen and rolls for the point guard and everyone collapsed inside and I was left open and took the three and made it to tie the game.

Then next posession, I was called for a foul and had to leave with 5 fouls. They made one of two free throws, we went down and missed a three and got the rebound but was called for a foul again. So the other team made one of two again leaving us down by two with 20 seconds left in the game. Then we ran a play and Martynas was fouled intentionally or unsportsman like and was giving two free throws and we would have the ball with 7 seconds. Their coach started yelling and was given two technicals and ejected from the game. So Martynas made two free throws and Alain made four free throws putting us up four with the ball. We inbounded to Alain and he was fouled again and made both. We won the game!!!

Here is a link to the boxscore....

Way to go Taylor and Alicante!

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Here is a link to the highlights of the end of the game - a lot of Taylor: