Monday, May 5, 2008

vs. Milk Breogán River

Translated from the website:

"The Alicante Coast surpassed its test before Milk Breogán River after a end of infarct. This way, the alicantino set maintains the third seat, Óscar Quintana adds his second consecutive victory and the equipment acquires an injection of self-esteem when surpassing to a direct rival by the fight of the ascent to ACB. Both equipment went to the track to by all. The first minutes were a hand by hand between Taylor Coppenrath and Nacho Ordín. Both players were the ones in charge to maintain the equality between equipment both thanks to their success under the hoop (5-5).

With the new exit of Carroll the alicantinos took the reins from the encounter. The American managed to fit seven followed points and to encarrilar the victory of the lucentino set. The last and decisive quarter was most exciting. Coppenrath was the one in charge to inaugurate the marker. After both minutes of game, those of Alpaca Garci'a followed clogged and without putting in the hoop."

You can check it out HERE!

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