Thursday, January 29, 2009

From a Spanish Newspaper

Here is a (roughly) translated article from a Spanish paper today!

"Coppenrath emphasizes the importance of gaining the Prince Cup by maintaining the same level of teamwork."
Taylor Coppenrath, post player of the Basketball Lucentum Alicante, emphasized the importance of beating Melilla for the the Prince Cup, for not just the value of obtaining the title for the organization, but mainly " to continue with winning teamwork" in that is the strategy trained by Oscar Quintana. "To gain the Cup is important for us, not for being the Cup, but to continue in winning dynamics. Our objective is to win to continue being competitivos" Coppenrath declared. The American player, in this sense, considered positive that the Lucentum is going to play well this weekend, regardless that the rest of teams of the LEB - except for the Melilla, are going to enjoy a rest due to mid-season break; because, in his opinion, the team needs is " to continue working hard, not rest". He recognized that to gain the Prince Cup the team would give "a statement of authority" facing the rest of clubs of the LEB, although he does not consider that anyone is going to consider them " the favorites to ascenso" by the mere fact to gain this title. "I do not believe that the winner is guarenteed to advance, because the past year Breogán won and continues in LEB" he argued. "Two victories of advantage on our pursuers are not enough. We must continue gaining each game to increase the difference with the rest of the teams and to secure our objective to ascend directly to the ACB" , he added. Finally, with respect to the game on Sunday against the Melilla, he thought that the score will not be as forceful as the one from the first game of the league (104-75). "Each game is different" pointed out Coppenrath, each game can be "difficult" and he recognizes that, at the last time: "I was surprised by the comfortable victory over Melilla for us at home".

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