Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yesterday's Game

Here is a rough translation about Taylor's game yesterday from Babel Fish:

"The Clinics Corner paid a lot to a bad beginning (0-13) before the lead team and lost the options to surprise those of Quintana in the Corner of the Victory. The players of Alicante, led by Coppenrath, raised a very serious party from the initial minutes, although later protagonism was for the outer players. The Malagan team tried to overcome in the last the quarter, where it knew to unfold his better game, and a 15-2 partisan who was able to endorse with over-exertion to the visitors sirivó to send the party to the prorogation. Nevertheless, those of the Clinics Corner arrived fused at the overtime and they only wrote down 3 points in these five minutes that served so that the Lucentum signed its victory. With this victory, the present leaders of Liga mathematically obtain to the passport for the Glass Prince. MVP: Taylor Coppenrath, that in spite of being surpassed in valuation by players of the Clinics, was determining for the victory of his team becoming the inner reference. His numbers: 14 points +5 rebounds."

Sounds like Taylor had a fantastic game! :)

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