Thursday, January 28, 2010

Next Game @ HOME!

Taylor's next game is this, Sunday, 01/31/10, at 7 am at home. It is the two week mid-season break for the league so there are no regularly scheduled games. However, the top two teams play an exhibition game called the "de la Copa Príncipe" (the Prince Cup). It is a very big game and most basketball fans in Spain will be watching.
Taylor is one of only a few players who have played in the past three Prince Cups as he has been on either the first or second place team each year he has been in Spain!
Although Taylor is the top scorer for Melilla he does so coming off the bench.
The game is also interesting becuase the visiting coach used to be the coach at Melilla and 4 of the Menorca players were at Melilla last season. The current coach of Melilla was the assistant coach to the visiting Menorcan coach last year when he was at Melilla.
Here is a link to the video stream:


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