Saturday, January 2, 2010

@ Zaragoza

Taylor's next game is tomorrow, Sunday, 01/03/10, at 12:00 noon, at Zaragoza. This is the biggest game of the season so far! Melilla is in first place and Zaragoza is tied for second. Zaragoza has the home court advantage.
The press in Spain has been promoting this game and a match up between the post players.
The Prince Phillip cup referred to is a mid-season championship game played in a couple of weeks (mid-season) between the top two teams; adding more importance to this game as the #1 team retains home court advantage for the "Prince Cup."
Here is a link to the video stream:

find the list of games on the right side; click on the "C Melilla B"
game; that will open up the video of the game inside the TV screen.
Taylor is now #11, usually wears high white socks with black ankle

the team website is:

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