Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prince Cup Champions and MVP!

All the fans that watched the game this morning saw a great game with back and forth scoring the entire time! In the end Melilla won, and Taylor was MVP!

see article and photo of Taylor here:

Roughly Translated:
Melilla conquest its third Copa Príncipe (79-72)

Coppenrath, the best player in the final

31/01/2010 American Taylor Coppenrath was joined to the title of Prince Cup
champion Adecco Oro 2009/10 MVP of the competition, he wanted to dedicate it to
his fellow Melilla Baloncesto.

The power forward from Melilla Baloncesto got a rating of
20 points, 16 points (3 / 7 shooting, 2 and 10/11 from the
free throw), 6 rebounds (4 offensive) and received 7 fouls
in 23 minutes and 23 seconds it was on track.

Taylor Coppenrath joined Melilla discipline at the start of
this season, having spent two previous in Alicante. In the
regular season, Coppenrath is averaging 14 points and
5.6 rebounds.

At the conclusion of the match Taylor Coppenrath said:
"We are proud of what we did, the mental strength we have had to face the decisive

The American player said the great atmosphere that was experienced in the flag Javier Imbroda:
"The city of Melilla deserved to win this Cup, so my first autograph after achieving victory
is for them". About the title of MVP of the finals, Coppenrath was proud and distributed among
its merits "teammates and coaches.

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