Monday, December 3, 2007

Thoughts from Alicante

We have a guest blogger today, Sue Coppenrath (Taylor's Mom), is blogging with her thoughts about her visit to Alicante a few weeks back! If you remember Taylor's Dad, George, is visiting now- - hopefully we'll have another guest blogger in the next few weeks!

Here's where we'll hand it over to Sue:

Taylor met me at the Alicante airport early on a Thursday afternoon for a brief, 10 day stay. During that time I helped him organize his apt, watched him play in a game and swam in the Mediterranean Sea. Taylor was busy but he spent what time he could and showing me around the area. Alicante is a very interesting city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It has beautiful beaches everywhere including the downtown area on each side of the busy port. It is a combination of modern businesses and old shops and it known for its palm-tree lined, mosaic tile sidewalks with vendors from Spain and Africa selling crafts and other wares. We visited an old castle that sits on a small mountain in the center of Alicante, walked the wide, sandy beaches, and swam in the Mediterranean where the water was relatively warm and the outside temperatures were between 65 and 70. My stay was too short but the last day I got to watch a home game, which Alicante won 95 - 76. The next morning, Monday, I flew back to Vermont. I cant wait to get back for another visit with Taylor in the spring!

Thanks Sue!

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