Monday, November 26, 2007

vs. Cuidad de Huelva

Alicante won an exciting game yesterday 75-69. The team is now 7-3. Taylor started the game but is not feeling 100% as he recovers from a cold, and played limited minutes. He finished with four points.

Taylor's dad, George, is visiting and arrived yesterday around dinner time! Taylor picked him up from the airport and is looking forward to having someone around for the next couple of weeks to hang out with. (And we're looking forward to more pictures!)

Word on the street is that George brought pancake mix, real VT maple syrup (as if there's any other kind...) and Cabot Cheddar Cheese for Taylor. Let it be officially known that Cabot Cheese is Taylor's FAVORITE and he consumes more cheese than anyone we know. He loves cheese on/in his eggs, cheesy tomato sandwiches, and even enjoys a nice shredded cheddar on popcorn sometimes. Growing up in Vermont has certainly effected his taste buds.

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