Friday, November 9, 2007

Rumor Has It...

Taylor's game is going to be LIVE on the internet today! It started at 3:15pm EST.

Go to in the upper left-hand corner there is a button/box- - VIVE en Directo, click on that and the game will pop up! Taylor is number 15.

GO TAYLOR! We're ALL WATCHING! (I mean working...) :)

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Thiago Martins said...

my names is Thiago Martins.I from brazil!
I like much basketball, this is my live.I search information about you in internet today.I remember about the game vs. syracause where you and tj sorrentine playing. this game was amazing!!!! the best game I see in my live, in all aspects. emotion , that the word for describle the game.
I be fan of you and tj sorrentine...
Very cool see you be good and happy.
You have MSN ?
My MSN is, please add me man.I be very happy in talk with you about basketball and the player live.
You have information about TJ Sorrentine ? I can't any information about him. You have ? You talk with he ? he playing where ?
Gooodddd... i'm leave.
Sorry my bad english :D
Be safe and stay with God!
Thiago Martins